It all began when a girl and boy met...


Hayden de M. Yates - Founder and co-owner - ASP® certified, RESA® and IAHSP® member.

Hayden lives in Austin, TX and comes to the home staging field with 30+ years experience in the motion picture and television industry as art director and award winning documentary filmmaker. He successfully staged his first house in 2003 in Los Angeles. It sold within two weeks of being staged for a whopping $650,000. Aside from spending his time staging homes professionally and making films, Hayden's other favorite pastimes is doing community outreach, volunteering at the Austin Children's Shelter teaching film-making and traveling with his family.


Melinda Pye - Founder and co-owner - ASP® certified and IAHSP member.

Melinda lives in Long Beach, CA and has always had a love for anything related to design, gardening and home. She has helped friends re-imagine their own homes with what they have, to create new spaces in their lives. Melinda continues making changes to her own Spanish Revival home, all while her family continues to grow and change. She realizes all it takes is a bit of elbow grease, imagination and a little shopping to create something new and fresh! 

Melinda and Hayden collaborate professionally bringing their combined talents and interests together to building a successful business and helping others achieve their dreams, while still giving back to the community they live in.