This home was listed for $950,000 and sold for $955,000. The owners asked to have the home staged with their existing furniture and accessories. Nothing new was brought in or purchased for this staging! By decluttering and re-arranging the furniture we were able to help the home buyer imagine their family living in this space. 


Occupied Home Staging

We come to your home and conduct a walk through evaluation of the interior & exterior of your home. Our goal is to successfully utilize any existing furniture  you have by rearranging and editing that furniture. Simply Splendid Home Staging will provide additional furniture, accessories, artwork and plants needed to complete the home staging process in a smooth and timely fashion keeping in mind your home is being lived in on a day to day basis during the sales process. During the consult we will take pictures and notes to come up with a plan that best suits your needs. When this process is complete and we have agreed on a budget we will send over work contract and set a start date for your project!


List price

Sold price

Date Listed
May 1, 2017

Date Sold
May 15, 2017


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